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Operation Walk Pittsburgh

Since the inaugural international mission in 2009, Operation Walk Pittsburgh has performed total knee and hip replacement surgeries in Pittsburgh and across Central America, for more than 500 patients. Each year, a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, medical technicians, nurses and volunteers spend a week in country, screening, determining surgical candidates and caring for patients and their families. Although the trip lasts only a little more than a week, the task of fundraising hundreds of thousands of dollars, gathering millions of dollars worth of in-kind donations and planning to take over 70 people and 10,000 pounds of cargo abroad occurs year-round.

Dr. DiGioia brought the nationally recognized organization, Operation Walk, to Pittsburgh to bring the gift of mobility to patients with debilitating knee and hip arthritis who would not otherwise have the opportunity to receive the care that they so desperately need. Operation Walk Pittsburgh also uses their international missions as a way to exchange medical knowledge and to create cultural sharing communities with local families and caregivers. Learn how to get involved and watch some of our patients take their first steps toward a happier, more active life.