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The Patient Centered Value System

PCVS is a relationship-based approach to transforming care delivery that focuses on the needs of patients and families, improves care experiences and clinical outcomes, and reduces cost.  It is a simple, replicable, and sustainable approach to viewing all care through the eyes of patients and families, identifying opportunities to improve value, and building implementation teams to drive change.  This comprehensive approach to healthcare delivery is comprised of three tools: Shadowing, Team Building for Patient Centered System Improvement, and Time Driven Activity Based Costing.

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Shadowing is the direct, real-time observation of patients and families as they move through each step of a care experience.  Through observation and discussion with patients, families, and staff, shadowers collect objective and subjective information: where the patient goes, who they interact with and for how long, as well as their impressions, feelings, and reactions.  Shadowing captures valuable input that is used to map the current state then co-design the ideal care experience.  Repeated over time, shadowing provides continuous data collection, allowing teams to measure change in action.


Team Building for Patient Centered System Improvement

Team Building for Patient Centered System Improvement (Team Building) brings caregivers out of their silos to view the current state determined through shadowing, then helps them re-imagine and work toward the ideal.  Through a series of step-wise, collaborative movements, teams prioritize and stratify improvement opportunities that benefit patients, families, and staff.  The result is true co-design of care that reduces waste and inefficiency, and improves outcomes and experiences.

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Time Driven Activity Based Costing

Time Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC) uses shadowing to accurately and efficiently identify the care pathway and resources that comprise the true cost of care delivery.  Shadowing plus TDABC yields information on the types, utilization, and cost of resources and the duration of activities in each step of the care pathway.  TDABC identifies the actual cost and cost drivers of delivering care – not just the charges and reimbursements – over the full cycle of care.


With the Patient Centered Value System, you will:

  • Combine data and experience-based feedback to improve outcomes.

  • Give patients, families, and staff a powerful voice.

  • Build teams that create a patient and family centered culture.

  • Implement solutions that are scalable, spreadable, and sustainable.

  • Determine the true cost of care delivery. 


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