Who is Dr. D?

Dr. Tony DiGioia, or Dr. D, was born and raised in the East End of Pittsburgh.  He is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon and medical director of both the Bone and Joint Center and Innovation Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Tony graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Civil Engineering and pursued a graduate degree in Civil and Biomedical Engineering at his alma mater. Beginning in 1982, he attended Harvard Medical School, completed his orthopaedic surgery residency in Pittsburgh and an Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.  

Through forging collaborative technologies that span engineering and medicine, Dr. D became a world leader in the initial development of medical robotics and computer assisted surgery. In the 1990’s, he performed the first ever robot navigated total hip replacement.  His work has always focused on bringing diverse multi-disciplinary teams together to co-design care to meet the needs of patients and families. This broad focus led Dr. D to develop the Patient Centered Value System (PCVS), which combines process and performance improvement with supportive technologies to improve clinical outcomes and patient and family care experiences while reducing costs. This approach, is a simple, replicable and transformational system for viewing all care through the eyes of patients and families, for building implementation teams to improve processes and for determining the true cost to deliver care in any setting.